Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year new blog

So much has changed over the last 365 days. I did get a permanent job, which was my 2010 New Year's resolution. I think my 2011 New Year's resolution will be to keep said permanent job. I moved my family to Duluth and bought a house. Not my dream house, but I've got plans! I am abandoning this blog and will see you on the flip side at ... the chunglunds!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy anniversary

Three years ago today, Gus and I got married in the Little White Chapel in Vegas ... drive-thru style! Two days before we got married, we had gotten into a car accident in downtown Minneapolis and had to file a claim with insurance. So, it seems only fitting that no sooner has that accident come off our record that someone hits my parked car last night and smashes in the back door on the driver's side. Happy Anniversary!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I had my first postpartum sushi at Hanabi with Jenn and Baby J, and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. It just didn't taste right. I thought perhaps all the pregnancy hormones were messing with my palate, but my disappointment was confirmed last week after I learned this little nugget of knowledge from our friend D, via Gus.

D is Chinese. D went to Hanabi and heard the employees speaking Chinese, so he began asking about their business. It turns out that Hanabi is owned by a company out of New York that goes around opening Japanese restaurants in towns of less than 100,000 people. Essentially, Hanabi is a chain restaurant. Twice a week C and D grade fish is flown into Duluth from New York and then sold at A grade prices to the unsuspecting residents of Duluth.

While I can't say that it was the worst sushi I have ever had because that statement is reserved for the place in Minneapolis that gave me food poisoning and has since closed, for what it is, it costs to much. It's a pretty slick idea on the part of this company though because people around here think it is fantastic. I'm certainly not going to boycott the place since I can't imagine that Zen House or the new Osaka has better fish (although this is purely speculation at this point since I haven't experienced either), I just wish Hanabi cost less.

rounding the bend

Several moms have told me that things start to get easier at about 6-8 weeks. While my exhausted body was skeptical, I must say, I believe they were right. The first weeks of motherhood were really difficult for me. In retrospect, I think that the fact that it took my body so long to recover physically took a huge toll on me emotionally. On top of which, the sleepless nights were not allowing my body the rest it needed to heal.

But I'm now 9 weeks postpartum, and I am finally starting to feel back to normal both physically and emotionally. I am only about 4-5 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight, although I'd like to lose another 4-5 lbs after that too. I'm fitting into nearly all my pre-baby clothes - except some of my tops are tight because my boobs got HUGE! I've been able to workout at home, although I sort of took a hiatus last week because I've been tired from working and getting up every few hours to pump.

Baby J gets more adorable every day, if that is even possible. The first time the doctor handed her to me, I thought she was beautiful. As I see her filling out and losing her newborn look, I cannot believe how freakin' cute she is becoming! Her little smiles and coos make my heart melt even at 4:00 a.m., when I am exhausted and just want her to go back to sleep.

The hell that was Baby J's labor and delivery is slowly starting to fade as I see her grow and flourish. She's one healthy baby, who still at 9 weeks old, eats every two hours. Even the memory of the first few postpartum weeks that left me in tears almost everyday is fading away.  And in spite of my overwhelming love for the little life that I have created, I stand by my statement that we are one and done!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

may your days be merry and bright

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

dear santa ...

Dear Santa,

This year I would like a little job security for Christmas. Every time I feel like I'm digging myself out of the hole and getting back to solid footing, we get hit with another bout of bad luck. Yesterday at work, a good portion of the staff meeting was spent discussing cuts to local government funding, budget cuts, possible downsizing of city staff, etc. and it is very worrisome for me. We JUST moved here, JUST bought a house, and JUST had a baby. I'd like to think that I won't need to be looking for another job so soon, but despite all the enumerated reasons in my favor, I really don't want to end up in the situation that I found myself in back in April 2009. At my last job, I was told not to worry and then BOOM, out of a job. I wish they would have been more up front with me about the reality of the situation and at least I could have started networking and getting out there to find a new job. At this point, if I end up losing this job, I think we just give up. I mean there is only so much a person can do. I say this, but at the same time I've been scouring the job websites for both me and Gus. So if you want to drop some job security down my chimney this Christmas, it would be much appreciated. Thanks much!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the good, the bad, and the ugly

  • Juliet has had two pretty good nights, since her three day crying binge. Gus may beg to differ. He said that two nights ago he was jealous of me because in the middle of the night all I have to do is get up and pump. He feeds the baby, changes her, and puts her back to sleep.
  • My milk supply seems to be pretty good and we haven't had to supplement with formula for well over a week now.
  • Juliet is adorable and I cannot believe how much I love her even though she is a TON of work and it is HARD.
  • Gus has bought the fixings for a Thanksgiving feast re-do. I was a bit disappointed in my Thanksgiving Day meal. Not because the food wasn't delicious, because it was amazing - more because I felt like I didn't actually eat enough. I was worried about who was holding the baby and whether she needed to be fed or changed or held by her mom.
  •  I'm feeling really badly about poor Carl Rove. He is such a sweet, sweet dog and I know he deserves more attention than we have been able to give him. He really would like to run around A LOT more, but unfortunately for awhile he had taken to running away, which means he is more restricted in his outside time. He has been so good with the baby and so patient with the fact that I have not been able to give him the attention he deserves that I think he should get some sort of reward. I made him an appointment to get a bath next week - not sure if that is a reward though?
  • I've been having a hard time emotionally. Some days are awful and some days are better. Yesterday and today seem like better days. Last Tuesday through this Monday were awful. I've been feeling withdrawn and reserved, like I need to conserve whatever energy I have to taking care of the basic needs of Juliet, Carl, and myself - in that order. I just totally don't feel like myself. I have been trying to find a counselor and am going to go see the OB tomorrow. Hopefully, I can start feeling like myself again soon. You know it is bad when I've stopped even enjoying delicious food and I'm just eating whatever is available for the sustenance alone.

  • The Thanksgiving trip to Chicago was pretty awful. Both mom and baby were left crying at various times throughout the trip. We left Tuesday night and spent the night in Wisconsin Dells. At which point, I was quite certain that Gus hated me because otherwise he never would have forced me to take an 8 hour road trip to Chicago with a 6 week old that necessitated me to have to pump in a McDonald's bathroom.
  • There is this squirrel that has been trying to get in our house through the old - not used anymore - chimney. The opening to the house had been covered but the squirrel was scratching at it. Gus caulked it, but the squirrel kept scratching through the caulk. After being gone several days of the holiday, the squirrel finally managed to get in. Last night I saw it coming up the stairs from the basement and Carl chased it back down. Gus managed to corner it in the laundry room and RIP squirrel. That's critter #2 that Gus has eliminated from our home. I feel badly that it had to die, but I really didn't want that squirrel in my house.