Thursday, May 27, 2010

what i want ...

So usually what I want is a cute new pair of shoes or a dress, but today's list is of the things I want but can't have because I'm pregnant ... and perhaps Gus will bring me some of them in the hospital after Baby is born.

1) Sushi - Spicy tuna rolls, negihama rolls, salmon and tuna nigiri. Both Gus and I love sushi and would eat it at least once a week, if we could afford to. Too bad we don't live in NYC. You could always get cheap sushi, cheap pedicures, and cheap flowers. Cooked and veggie sushi just doesn't do it for me. I need raw fish. I like the texture the taste - everything about it.

2) Champagne - Veuve in particular. I love champagne and sparkling wine. I hope there is a split of Veuve waiting for me after I deliver this kid!

3) Bloody Marys - I love bloody marys! I like it when it has lots of "stuff" in it, shrimp, celery, pickle, olives, onions, and especially the beef sticks. I love a bloody mary bar so much that some weekends I would set my own up.

4) NY Strip cooked medium rare - I know I can have steak cooked well done, but again that is like eating cooked "sushi." We went to Las Vegas shortly after I found out I was pregnant. The last time we were in Vegas, which is when we got married, we had THE MOST DELICIOUS steak dinner. Of course I ordered the filet but Gus ordered the NY Strip and since it was more delicious than mine he gave me the rest of his. He always gives me the best stuff ... ALWAYS. I'm not kidding either. He gives me the last bite or drink of delicious things, when he picks out two flavors of something he always lets me pick first, and he's v. good at sharing (which I am not good at doing).

5) Seafood tower - At the same delicious steak dinner mentioned above, we had a seafood tower. Oysters on the half shell, lobster, shrimp, etc. So yummy! I love oysters and since raw is out, I have not had any of them either. Plus I have been limiting my fish intake and so haven't had much delicious seafood either. I'm hoping that P.B. (post-baby) we can go to Sea Change at the Guthrie and try the raw bar there.

6) Diet Coke - P.B. I am going to drink Diet Coke with reckless abandon! I have really been limiting my Diet Coke intake, which is AMAZING for me since Gus really thought I was addicted, which clearly I am not. I dropped it cold turkey in the weeks right after finding out I was pregnant and have only had one here and there ever since.

7) Not food related, but I will be v. happy when I can sleep on my back again and not feel guilty about limiting the blood supply to my brain and to the baby.

That is all.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

all quiet on the home front

It's been quiet on this blog because it has really not been all quiet on the home front. There are no pictures of me because 1) I'm not really cute and pregnant and 2) the bathroom continues to skeeve me out.

Having a baby, saving for a house, student loans, etc. has made me into one giant whine fest and I hate to put it all out there since it probably makes for But, some good things have happened and I'm starting to at least get things in order so that my life can proceed in the best most efficient way possible.

1) We are saving aggressively for a house that we would like to live in, but still haven't found. I did find one that I really liked so hopefully we can get it for the right price! We're just waiting to see how things shake out since it just went on the market.

2) Carl Rove busted through a door at my cousin's house and it was looking like it would cost nearly $200 to replace it, but Husband has stepped up and now has confidence that he can stain and hang a door on his own. I'm rather proud of him since I was feeling like perhaps I married someone that wasn't very handy. I'm not handy at all, so I can't imagine I would have chosen someone who also was not handy. Disastrous!

3) Since Carl Rove broke the door he has been relegated to a kennel during the day while I'm at work. I felt really badly about it yesterday, but this morning he went in there rather willingly, making me feel much better about locking my dog away for 9 hours. He did get to go for a half hour walk with me this a.m., which helps to alleviate puppy mom guilt.

4) We are having a GIRL! I'm so excited! I can't wait to start buying things - except see #1. I will not be buying anything until we save enough for the down payment and move into the house.

5) I *think* if I can get my doctor to prescribe me a breast pump, I can get it covered by insurance as "durable medical equipment." Super excited about that because who wants to spend $400 on a breast pump? I can think of an infinite number of things I would rather spend my money on. Trust me.

6) I had been feeling really disappointed about Duluth's lack of dog parks. Last night I took Carl Rove to Keane Creek because I really didn't have anywhere else to take him. Jenn had said it wasn't very nice so I was skeptical. While it isn't fabulous, it was certainly better than nothing. The dogs (and people for that matter) there kind of sucked, but Carl and I just played fetch and at least he got to run off some energy. It is actually bigger and nicer than the park in the Warehouse District in Minneapolis where everyone in that 'hood takes their pups. So, I'm feeling better about Duluth hating on dogs.

7) We decided last night to file our taxes separately this coming year so that I can get on an income-based repayment plan for my student loans. I did the math and when I started repaying my loans I had almost $125,000 in student loan debt. This is more than we expect to offer on a house at this point (mostly due to student loan debt). Thanks to the College Cost Reduction and Access Act and my new employer, I'm hoping to get these loans paid off in 10 years. This feels amazing since I have been living with the idea that I would be paying $1,000/month for the next 30 years.

8) And one more thing! Husband has agreed to let a broker market the loft and see if he can get it rented. Thank goodness! They charge 1 month rent, which would mean our security deposit could go towards that. I don't think Husband has been doing a diligent job of advertising the place so am hoping that the broker can do a better job. He better do a better job if I'm paying him!

So after a 44 minute telephone conversation with Husband about money (one of my least favorite topics), I feel good that we have a plan, or at least we appear to. Enough of a plan to give me some peace of mind and help me enjoy the time I have with my puppy this week. Carl Rove is looking forward to going to Jenn's on Wednesday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I feel like I've had a pretty craptastic week so far.
  • I'm freezing
  • I have a cold and feel miserable. Not taking cold medicine for the kid's sake is really killing me.
  • I miss my husband and puppy
  • I hate all houses in this city so far. Hate is a strong word, but I definitely don't LOVE any of them
  • There are no good puppy daycares or off-leash parks for Carl Rove. Does this city hate dogs? Perhaps.
Gus drove halfway last night and we exchanged the dog and tried to rush several days worth of happenings into a 30 minute conversation for a piece of cherry pie. This is the first week so far that I've had doubts about whether this was the right move for us right now. Financially, it makes sense - or at least it will if we can sublet our uber expensive loft. I didn't realize how expensive it was, but Gus pointed out that we are very particular and have always been willing to pay a little more for certain amenities. But at this point, emotionally, I'm having a tough time. So I'm venting. It's Thursday though and that means I can go home on Friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend - more shopping and hanging with the puppy. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

lesson learned

This weekend I did some much needed maternity clothes shopping. I finally picked up a pair of black pants and I am super happy with them. I got them at Hot Mama, where the saleswoman hollered at Gus for telling me I was not a mother yet and should not expect a Mother's Day card. In his defense he did buy me a box of Godiva the week before Mother's Day, but when he tried to tell the saleswoman this she simply responded that "it was a good start," basically implying that he should get me something else. She even told me that she was going to buy me a gift for Mother's Day. I recommend these pants though, seriously. I got them in the petite length which makes them perfect for wearing with a small heel or wedge.

They were $68, but very versatile and super nice material.

Throughout the rest of my day shopping, here is what I learned. There comes a point in your pregnancy where you will be able to fit into regular clothes, but they will just make you look and/or feel really fat. I think I have reached that point and am trying to now only wear clothes that show off the bump as opposed to hiding it. I tried on a dress at Martin + Osa this weekend because the whole store was 50% off. I tried a size larger than I typically wear and while it fit, I simply do not have the waist anymore to pull it off. I looked fat. Lesson learned.

So today, while my outfit is nothing to write home about, I am happy to report I am wearing the above mentioned maternity pants and loving them. The best part of my outfit is the shoe - everything else is black.

Shoes: Target

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My friend Charise gave me some maternity clothing and I purchased a few items at a used clothing store, but here's what I've purchased new so far ...

Some stuff from Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic because they just ran A BUNCH of promotions recently.

Old Navy Maternity Low Rise Skinny Jeans
$36.50 plus 20% off

Gap Ruched Tank Dress 
$49.50 plus 20% off
Banana Republic Mazzy simple straps thong
$39.50 plus 30% off
I know they aren't "maternity," but they have memory foam! MEMORY FOAM PEOPLE! And they are v. comfy. I'm keeping them. My baby wants mommy's feet to be comfy.

Norma Kamali for Walmart Tie Waist Jersey Dress
I keep thinking I'll return this one and just keep the Gap dress, but it is only $18.00.

Wal-Mart roll cuff cargo pants

I might return these Wal-Mart items especially the dress if I keep the Gap dress. But black dresses are soooo versatile! I usually try to stay away from Wal-Mart, but they actually had some reasonably price and cute maternity clothes online. Since I'm only going to be having a couple kids I figure I can shop there like twice in my lifetime?

Motherhood black capris
I thought I'd be able to wear these throughout except now there is going to be snow and I'm starting to think I need to purchase some regular maternity pants for work.

Black capri leggings
They are regular length on my short stubby legs.

I ordered it all online and of course I used my EBATES! I think I'm doing pretty well. I did purchase a couple new shirts from the Gilt Groupe when they had the maternity sale, but I can't find pictures any longer. They were tops from Maternal America, which I found was kind of pricey so it was nice to get them at a sample sale. They are super comfy and I love them.

Looks like it is going to be neutral colors from here on out for this mama. Guess I'll have to spice it up with shoes and accessories!

my lovely baby bump

Jenn told me that my bump was starting to look cute today. Yay! Today is the first day I'm wearing actual REAL maternity clothes to work. I did run to Target and picked up this dress for only $7.80 on the clearance rack. I don't necessarily love the print, but for less than $8.00, I couldn't go wrong. I did pick up a couple of other unnecessary items at Target too and in the interest of honesty and accountability, I will post them as well.

Here's my outfit!

Boots: Old Navy
That's it folks!

But, here are my other Target purchases from yesterday ...

This Liberty of London top for $12. I refrained from purchasing any LOL items, even though there were several cute things and many items have caused a frenzy on the fashion boards. Seeing this on the clearance rack though, something came over me ... so obviously this was an impulse purchase. All the tags are still attached so I *guess* I could return it. But I think it would look super cute with my new True Religion jeans and my pink heels. We'll see whether the good or bad angel on my shoulder wins out.
I caved and bought these Cynthia Vincent wedges at full price $29.99. They are SUPER cute. I had read some reviews and one person said that the ankle strap wasn't adjustable and they were too big on her, so I was thinking that I wouldn't even need to try them since I have pretty small ankles. But I was browsing the shoe aisles and I saw these AGAIN. I tried them on and LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. They are so cute on my feet!! I even thought about putting them back and waiting for a sale, but then I realized that this was the LAST PAIR in my size! Curses.

Next up, a post of some of the maternity clothes I've purchased in the last few weeks. I can't wait to wear it all!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

#2 of the day

For your birthday Kate, here is post #2. I think this is the last time I will be wearing this outfit until PB (post-baby). It's feeling kind of tight. Although our administrative assistant told me it looked fine and she couldn't even tell that I'm almost halfway through this pregnancy.

Shoes: BCBG.
Tights: Kohls. They are purply pink. I like them.
Dress: Ann Taylor.
Jacket: Old Navy Kids
Nametag: My lovely employer.


Last night Kate told me that my blog has been slacking. Part of the problem is that I hate taking pictures in the new work bathroom. It kind of grosses me out. Today I realized that this is probably the last time I'm going to get to wear some of my cute clothes until after I push this baby out. I bought a pair of black maternity capris thinking that I could wear them throughout this pregnancy, but unfortunately it is entirely too cold where I am living now to wear capris and I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy some black work pants. A friend gave me some work pants, but she is shorter than me and so I need to find some cute flats to wear with them.

So the two things I need are 1) black work pants and 2) flats. Since looking at black pants can't be nearly as exciting as looking at shoes, here are flats from Target that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection

 These remind of Chanel quilted flats. I really like the cream and black color, but they do come in other colors as well. Only $36.99

I really like the color of these. Fun way to add a punch of color to an outfit, especially since it looks like it is going to be the summer of black for me. I mean it seems most appropriate and versatile to buy black maternity pants and dresses, so I should at last have some fun shoes, no? Plus these are only $16.99!

I love the cognac color of these and the studs add just a little bit of edge with out being over the top. I'm not sure how often I would wear this color though. They also come in black - hmmm. $17.99

And last but not least ... at some point here I'm hoping that it will warm up enough to wear sandals at least once this summer. I'm so sick of being cold. Love the little wedge heel on these sandals. $26.99

Perhaps a run to Target is in order at lunchtime today? Hmmm ...

Monday, May 3, 2010

lovely weekend

I had a lovely weekend. Our loft is clean because we are trying to sublet it. I did yoga in the park with friends on Saturday and watched my niece play in a soccer tournament. Sunday was brunch at Moose & Sadie's with N. I highly recommend the Huevos Racheros, but the menu changes weekly. Took Carl Rove swimming at the dog park and then got a bun mi for dinner before I headed back to the northland.

I thought I was going to be cold this morning, but there was not much wind to speak of making my walk from the parking lot to the office bearable.

Here's what I'm wearing -

Shoes: Nine West. They are pink. I like them.
Skirt: Banana Republic. Can you see my little baby bump? It's a baby in there. I promise you.
Sweater: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21