Friday, April 30, 2010


It's Friday! I'm headed home to see my yummy puppy, Carleton (and Husband too)! Also found out my friend/coworker is pregnant so I'm super excited about that. We'll have babies that are the same age. So fun! Sportin' the Bella Band today. Feels lovely. I think I should wear this when I'm not pregnant too.

Shoes: Steve Madden. They were part of my, "I'm pregnant and probably should start wearing flats at some point" campaign. Don't worry though, I still rock the heels too - at least until I'm too unbalanced to totter around on the them. They are purple patent, BTW.
Jeans: Gap Always Skinny. Love these jeans. For awhile I thought I should have bought a smaller size, but now that I'm pregnant I'm glad that they fit over my growing belly. I can still button them, but it feels much less comfortable than wearing the Bella Band. It feels a bit like giving up, not buttoning your jeans, but I'm getting used to it.
Sweater: Gap. This is a new item. $12.99 plus another 40% off since it was on clearance, so $7.79. I don't feel that badly about spending $7.79 on a sweater, quite frankly. I love the color and it's comfy, and some weeks I spend more than that on Starbucks. So there. It's orange BTW.
Cuff: Arden B. One of my favorite pieces although I don't wear it that often.
Nametag: Work. Apparently, if you aren't wearing it during work hours they will fine you a quarter. Most of the time they don't even know when I'm in the office since my current office space is a cube in the corner, but I'm trying to be a good sport about it. The other day though it was really making my sweater hang funny and I was not a fan of it.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'll be doing yoga at the park and then off to see my niece play soccer!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

just smurfy

I am wearing my blue tights which  make me feel a little like a Smurf. I still have an itch to buy maternity clothes and I have ordered a few items to see if I like them. If not, I guess they are going back. I did all my shopping online and took advantage of Ebates, which gives you cash back for TONS of online stores. If you don't use Ebates, you really should. Seriously.

It's still a little chilly for me here in my new locale, but I'm starting to acclimate, or to just realize that I need to wear tights and long sleeves for a few more months.

Shoes: BCBG. I wear these all.the.time. Especially, while living in one place for 5 days of the week and needing to pack EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. It's just easier to pack one pair of black shoes, even if they aren't the perfect style for all outfits.
Tights: They are blue. Trust me.
Skirt: Forever 21. It's charcoal. Again, trust me. I could have benefited from some Static Guard or a slip today.
Top: Forever 21.
Necklace: Forever 21. I should start calling it Forever 32.
Cardigan: Express

And a special picture ... last week Kate said I didn't have a baby bump, but it is sort of coming along. I *may* be sticking it out a bit just for emphasis. I am thankful for everyday that I can still fit into my clothes and I imagine lumbering around with a huge belly will not be that comfortable, but I'm kind of looking forward to LOOKING like I'm pregnant!

Monday, April 26, 2010

case of the mondays

Saturday I tried to wear a pair of maternity jeans thinking that maybe this bump has gotten big enough. I was wrong. The waist was still a little big and the butt and thigh areas were still pretty huge. Ugh. Back to my regular jeans with a Bella Band I guess. Gus even took me to a maternity consignment store, one that I had heard other Minneapolis mommies to be raving about. Unfortunately, I found it pretty heinous and the only cute things were dresses that they "rent" for special occasions and I guess they weren't going to sell me the XS. I am still on the hunt for some cute maternity jeans and maybe some more dresses when I can finally fit into them!

Here's me simply looking fat today ...

Boots: Old Navy
Dress: BCBG. Thrifted this. $20!
Jacket: Forever 21

This new "studio" is extremely unflattering. Perhaps I can get a full length mirror at home soon.

Friday, April 23, 2010

thank you!

After b!tching about how all maternity clothes are gross, my good friend Kate took it upon herself to find some cute stuff. Unfortunately, it is more than I would even spend on regular clothes and hopefully I would be able to wear for a long time. However, some of it is adorable and maybe I will be able to find it in regular sizing and just size up a couple sizes for when I'm huge? This can be my new goal! I do still want to hit the consignment shop, but in MN most of the maternity consignment has come from one of four places, JCPenny, Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity, or Gap. Not exactly high fashion. I figure if I have to be huge, I might as well look super cute!

I hope to live in dresses this summer and I've been wanting a dress just like this one ... and it OBVIOUSLY doesn't hurt that it has also been seen on Brangelina and Heidi!

And for when it gets colder, which I assume it will do in like late August in this frozen tundra of the north that I've decided to call home. This is super cute and I wish it wasn't $209 or that someone would sell it at the consignment shop.

One of my biggest problems has been finding acceptable tops, but here is one that is not only acceptable, but also cute! Holla!

So thanks Kate. Unfortunately, I CANNOT spend that much $$ on maternity clothes or there will probably be a threat of divorce and I'll be a single mama. But I always manage to find a look for less and let's hope I haven't lost my magic touch!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

oh baby!

So as the days go by, my clothes get tighter and tighter. I'm wearing my grey M+O shift dress that I honestly thought would fit me for much of this pregnancy since it is empire waist and a modest length. Even the waist part feels tighter than usual. Ugh. I have a feeling this won't fit me much longer either. Since I've only spending weekdays here, I had to pick out all my clothes for the week on Sunday. I hope the dress I picked for tomorrow still fits!

And let's talk about maternity clothes ... AGAIN.

- Kate says that there are so many cute maternity clothes. WHERE? Seriously. I've seen some hideous dresses with bows and polka dots, as well as some awful looking tent shirts. I mean when your stomach is huge, you do not need to put a bow on it. IT IS NOT A PRESENT.

- Jenn pointed out that I had really not made any new rules for myself besides just making an exception for buying stuff. I guess my rule is that I'm going to try to find as much as I can at the consignment store and I'm going to keep going to stores until I find some shit that makes me look cute and not fat. Honestly? I don't think I'm going to have a problem because as far as I can tell, maternity clothing is not that attractive and trust me, I look online, in stores, EVERYWHERE.

Bottom line, I would like to look as cute and non-tent like as possible THANK YOU. I'm also running into the simple problem that maternity clothes, even small or extra small are still too damn big. I would just like to stop feeling fat and start feeling pregnant.

Oh and just another baby-related thought ... I don't need to "practice" by holding your baby, nor do I probably want to hold your baby or change its diaper. End rant.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

70 degrees and sunny

So I'm dressed like it is still sprinter out, but people here CLAIM that it will be like 70 degrees today. I'll believe it when I feel it. Regardless I'd rather be toasty warm and since being with child, I've noticed that I'm COLD all.the.time. I thought I was supposed to be hot all the time, but of course I'm the opposite. Just a testament to my contrary nature, I guess. I'm going to Wal-Mart today to buy a body pillow. Yes, I said it. WAL-MART. Yes, I watched that documentary about how Wal-Mart kills small town America and local businesses. But since learning that I need to sleep on my side and suffering through a few nights of barely sleeping due to laying on my side, I'm getting a body pillow, which is rumored to retail at Wal-Mart for $10. Boppy sells these ridiculous pregnancy pillows that cost upwards of $40. Pretty sure Gus would FREAK out if I bought one of those. So Wal-Mart it is.

Just another quick thought before my outfit for today - Gus also told me that I am not allowed to purchase the baby clothing at places such as Gymboree, Children's Place, or Hanna Anderson. I get the Hanna Anderson one, a tank top there was $22. Seriously? I don't even pay $22 for a tank top for myself. He has conceded to have our baby garbed in Target clothing. Funny how he is already laying down shopping rules for me. He knows me so well.

And here is what you've been waiting for ...

I'm really hoping it is my computer screen that is making me look like this picture was taken in a fun house mirror.

Boots: Old Navy
Skirt: J Crew. V. v. old, but I still like it and it still fits over my growing baby bump
Sweater: Also J Crew
Vest: Old Navy

Monday, April 19, 2010


Finally feeling better. Thank goodness. Mama and baby were not getting much food for a few days last week. Plus it is awful to be sick on your first week of work and wonder if you are going to get fired. So good news is that I am not fired and I'm back for week 2 at new job. Plus I have accepted that it is still winter here and have now brought appropriate apparel. No bare legs for at least another month, maybe two. I've got sweaters, hats, tall boots, and tights. I'm set. Oh yes, and I've remembered to bring my space heater to work.

Jenn, my fabulous coworker, told me that I needed to take a picture of this outfit. Here I am in all my glory of my new photo studio aka the bathroom. Oh yes and someone else even asked me for the link to my blog so Hi Pakou, if you are reading!

Here's what I'm wearing on this lovely sprinter (spring/winter) day.

Shoes: Can't see them, but don't worry. They aren't new. I hear your feet change sizes when you are pregnant. Can you guess how much I look forward to that? NOT.AT.ALL. Anyway, they are the BCBG patent platform pumps. Love them. So comfy. Or as comfy as 4" heels can be.
Pants: That I barely fit into ... Limited.
Turtleneck: Express
Cape: Express. I love this cape. I love it so much that I bought it when it wasn't even on sale. Do you know how many times I've worn it. About 4. Sad. It's a hard piece to wear in MN. It has to be just the right temperature. You can't wear this with a coat over it because it becomes awkward to try to get your arms out of the cape and into your coat.
Hat: See? I brought a hat this week! And I wore it! Handmade by ... ME! So crafty I am.

Enjoy your Monday!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the rules: modified

I started new job this past week and it was great for the 2.5 days I worked and then it was awful for the other 2.5 days when I laid in bed with the flu, 150 miles from Gus and the puppy so I couldn't even get a hug. I have a nice large mirror in the bathroom at new job so hopefully I can start taking pictures again regularly. Unfortunately I didn't realize that it was 100 degrees colder in new location. I froze by butt off last week. All winter clothes are coming with me this week. Sweaters, pants, boots, you name it sister, I've got it ready to go.

Back in Minneapolis for the weekend. Carl Rove got a little fixin' at the vet on Friday so he can't make any babies. Now he's got a cone and some of my underwear on. He looks pretty embarrassed. Poor little guy! He hates the cone.

And now for the rules modification ... I will not be able to make this a total spend free 365 days because ... I'M PREGNANT! I've been waiting to announce until I was able to announce at new job. But Jenn jumped the gun on that one by offering to take me to sushi for my first lunch. Jenn knows me so well that had I not eaten sushi, she would have gotten suspicious. So first day right out of the gates, telling new boss that I'm with child.

So now let's talk shopping ... MATERNITY CLOTHES! I've already started a collection from a friend who gave me a bunch from her last two pregnancies. Not totally my style but will work for casual wear. I haven't popped yet so I can still wear my regular clothes with help from a Bella Band every once in awhile. Here's what I've purchased so far:
  • 2 Bella Bands ($26/each)
  • black jersey dress (on sale at LOFT, but I don't remember the price)
  • 2 maxi dresses from Forever 21 ($24 total)
  • maternity leggings from Motherhood Maternity ($19.99)
  • maternity capris from Motherhood Maternity ($19.99)
  • True Religion jeans from Shopbop because I needed some fat jeans. I can't disclose the price because I'm kind of embarrassed. Let's just say that they weren't on sale and for those of you who know designer denim you know about how much I paid. BUT I DID GET FREE SHIPPING! And they came the v. next day. So there.
And on my little spending spree, I picked up a few items that I had been wanting that don't exactly qualify as maternity wear ...
  • Striped top New York & Co ($15) - it was 50% off!
  • Striped top H&M ($10) - and it had CUTE puffy sleeves
  • Black t-shirt dress H&M ($10) - honestly, I think it will look cute with leggings and my little baby bump, if I ever get one! 
But now I will tell you how I was good. I went to a consignment shop that has maternity clothing, as well as regular clothing. I sold a bunch of clothes there and got $44 and then turned around and spent that plus another $18 and got all this ...
  • BCBG wrap dress - not maternity but I think it will look cute while pregnant
  • 1 pair of maternity shorts - green cargo shorts not jorts thank you v. much
  • 3 or 4 tops - I can't remember how many but all will work for maternity wear
I looked at the same pair of capris that I purchased new and this store was trying to sell them for $14.00. I thought HELL, I will pay the extra $6 for new ones for the peace of mind that no one else has worn them.

So readers, that is wear (where) I'm at. There is another consignment maternity store in Richfield and I'm going to try to get Gus to go with me this afternoon since we will be in S. Mpls anyway for a book release. I hear it is supposed to be good. Plus since I've been gone all week Gus feels like he should spend time with me now. Good husband.

Friday, April 9, 2010

4 legs bad 2 legs good

It's my last day on the farm ... the cube farm that is. I'm living corporate America for a job in public service. Destined for no bonuses, no fancy schmancy retreats, no more taking clients out for drinks, no more expensing dinners with friends and calling it marketing. I'm trading it for steady hours, good benefits, government holidays, and peace of mind that I am really making a difference in the world.

So here's my last day outfit. I have to say I think it looks cuter IRL than in this picture. I also think I should have belted the shirt, but since I'm wearing a belt to hold my pants up I thought it seemed weird to wear two belts.

Shoes: Nine West. Patent Mary Janes.
Denim: True Religion
Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21. It's a cheapie. And it's cherries. And I love it!
Cuff: Forever 21

This outfit makes me look fat. Ugh. But really IRL I don't think it makes me look as fat as this lovely picture. Happy Last Day to me!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

shear genius

I've actually been watching this show. Tonight is the finale! And also tonight ... TOP CHEF MASTERS! I love Top Chef and this spinoff. Last year after Rick Bayless won, I wanted to go to Frontera so badly. Unfortunately, when we were in Chicago there were no reservations ... FOR THE NEXT MONTH AND A HALF. We tried to walk in and eat at the bar, but it was jam packed. I did actually get a delicious dinner that evening in downtown Chicago, but it wasn't Rick Bayless mole. *tear*

Since I will be leaving the metro area, I am also getting my hair cut tonight by my all time favorite stylist. I've been seeing Justin at Denny Kemp for several years. I'm not sure what I will do when I'm living a few hundred miles away. Perhaps I will just have to make a road trip for a good hairsnip.

And here's what I'm wearing -

Shoes: Kohls. These were all the rage on Makeup Alley maybe a year ago? I really like them. Good color. Fairly comfy, and v. affordable.
Pants: Forever 21. I bought a similar pair at Macy's for about 3 times the price and then when I found these the Macy's pants went back to the store.
Tank: Old Navy
Jacket: BCBG. I picked this up at the outlet. I love the BCBG outlet. I wish it lived closer to me. And now with the move, it is conceivable that I may never set foot in it again. There is a BCBG outlet in the Chicago are near my inlaws though, but Illinois has sales tax on clothing ... DRAT. So I try to only buy things there that I absolutely CANNOT get in Minnesota. Because really? Do I need to pay sales tax on purchases from Old Navy ... I THINK NOT.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the countdown is on.

I've got 4 days left on the cube farm.  Since my new job will require me to dress a modicum more professionally, I am trying to get all my creative casual outfits worn this week. I'm liking this outfit. I couldn't decide between my faux fur vest and my denim jacket. Here's what I picked ...

Shoes: Puma. These were not on sale and kind of expensive for me when I bought them. If I walk too long in them, I get blisters. Of course I still like them. Fashion over function, always.
My white pasty legs: Courtesy of the lovely MN winter. Ugh. Gross. I know.
Dress: H&M. Organic cotton dress. Love it. So comfy. Only $10!
Denim Jacket: Dolce & Gabbana. I thrifted this at one of my favorite consignment stores. The store typically only has high end items and sometimes is still rather expensive. It's really hit or miss, but I feel like I scored with this jacket.
Necklace: Forever 21.

Friday, April 2, 2010

second to last friday

Next Friday is my last day on the cube farm that it is called the place I work. I have a list of to-dos that needs to happen before I leave. They aren't work related, they are simply life related. The biggest thing we need to do is find someone to sublet the loft. We've got 9 months left on the lease and it would be super financially helpful to NOT have to continue to pay rent there.

Here's my casual outfit today ... TGIF folks!

Shoes: Old Navy. I don't wear these often. I think it is the color.
Jeans: Gap Always Skinny. Comfy, but they stretch out ALOT.
Top: Target. Picked this up on super sale last summer. I kind of wish I had bought other colors too.
Cardigan: Target.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i caved

So I caved. I really really wanted that striped dress from Old Navy and I finally gave in when it was on clearance. I also had a $10 reward so total it ended up being only $2.99. I've had some other slip-ups. I had SERIOUS spring fever. I really do love this dress though.

Shoes: Jessica Simpson. They are my favorites, but the soles are starting to get really worn. I wear them ALOT. Perhaps it is time to find a replacement?
Dress: Old Navy. I love it.
Belt: Old Navy
Scarf: Limited

It was so liberating to not have to wear tights this morning! Bring on the warm weather. Please.