Friday, September 24, 2010

seven pounds seven days

Seven Pounds is not just a Will Smith movie (side note - I did enjoy this movie), but it is how much weight I managed to gain in the span of seven days. I'm assuming it is mostly water weight because I think I would have had to eat like 20,000 extra calories over the past week to actually gain 7 lbs. I have however used this pregnancy as somewhat of an excuse to eat things that I normally wouldn't eat. Since this started as a blog of shopping confessions, I thought I could expand that to eating confessions as well -- here's the start of the list:

1) Pop-Tarts
2) gas station cappuccino
3) Costco muffins
4) M&M cookies
5) The Tappy at Erbert's & Gerbert's
6) Starbucks pumpkin bread
7) Pumpkin spice latte

I assure you there is more, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

1 comment:

  1. love the list ;).

    Do gas station cappuccinos come in decaf?