Monday, September 27, 2010

sunday funday

As we eagerly await the arrival of Baby Chunglund, my weekends have been filled with washing baby clothes, trying to clean and finish unpacking a house that is still under some state of construction/renovation, lots of knitting, and plenty of naps. I've knit three hats in the last week or so and have two scarves underway.

Yesterday, one of my favorite people, Erica, came through Duluth on her way to Eveleth and we had brunch at Pizza Luce. So far, we've had a hard time finding a good place for brunch in Duluth and even my requests for recommendations have resulted in things such as Perkins and Old Country Buffet ... REALLY? Luce was quite delicious though. I ordered the Truly French Toast, which was stuffed with brie and accompanied by pecan banana syrup and whipped cream. Erica had the Portabella and Eggs and since the 'shrooms were so spicy she gave those to me. They were also delicious - smoky, spicy, mushroom-y. I also partook in their Bloody Mary Bar (virgin, of course), which I was impressed with - lots of fixings. The only things missing were beef sticks and perhaps a shrimp. But I managed to load my drink down with lots of good things - cucumber spear, pickle, extra horseradish, cheese stick, pepperoncini, marinated mushroom, etc. Good stuff.

Later in the afternoon, since the house smelled like the disgusting adhesive that Gus used to attach the back of the cabinet, we decided to take a drive up to Gooseberry Falls to look at leaves and take a little walk. I think Carl thought that we were torturing him by letting him dip his paws in the water, but not letting him run free and splash around.

It was a nice relaxing day and even though not much progress was made on the kitchen on Sunday, I'm glad I got to spend some quality time with my husband before the baby gets here!

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  1. Nice pictures!

    So would you say Luce is your favorite brunch place so far?