Monday, August 23, 2010

adventures with the chunglunds

This weekend we went to Minneapolis to say farewell to friends and attend a baby shower thrown by my two best friends. Carl Rove made the trip with us because he was going to see his puppy friends at Downtown Dog for the weekend. We were also going to return the crib that Gus's parents had given us because it had gotten damaged during shipping. Unfortunately, the Rav4 is not really that big so Carl Rove spent Friday night in a car sitting on a crib box. Every time we went around a curve or had to brake, his little puppy claws made holes in the box. On top of which, I was feeling bad for the little one anyway because he hadn't had his dinner so I decided to share my sandwich with him. BAD IDEA. A short while later, I noticed an odd smell in the car and when I turned around found that Carl Rove and barfed all over the crib box. Poor pup. Luckily, Babies R Us takes back items that have holes in the boxes and barf all over them. I say, kudos to them.

Aside from puppy barf and the minimum 1/2 hour we lost after stopping for gas due to Gus getting on the freeway going north instead of south and driving at least 15 minutes in the wrong direction, we had a pretty awesome weekend. We got to say goodbye to friends, enjoy some delicious food and drink at Bradstreet Crafthouse, watch the Twins game at the new ballpark, and be showered with gifts at a baby shower on Sunday. Oh and sleep in the wonderful-ness that is the beds at Graves 601. Add to my wish list the pillows and sheets from the hotel. They were heavenly!

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