Monday, August 16, 2010

the weekend

This past weekend was one of the two weekends this month that we were actually in town. I got my shower thank you notes written for my last shower and also got to see my long lost friend Dina (of Dina & Nina). We caught up at At Sara's Table Chester Creek Cafe. We actually haven't had much contact in close to 10 years so it was awesome to catch up and since we are both living in Duluth I hope that we will be able to stay in touch. She's even offered to house- and dog-sit for us when we are away.

Gus has made some progress on Baby Juliet's nursery. Friday afternoon after finally finishing the stripping of the windows, he learned that the previous owner(s) had painted over a wallpaper border near the top of the wall. He spent Saturday steaming the wallpaper off and Sunday he sanded the walls. I'm hoping that while I'm at work today he is at home taping and painting. Although given all the setbacks, I've learned not to expect too much.

Carl Rove even got some quality swimming time in. We went to Wisconsin Point, where there weren't that many people out and let him swim off leash. He was quite happy. He didn't even want to come back in when called. He looked at us for awhile then turned around and kept swimming.

Sunday we finally got to go to church again after a three week hiatus. We attended the second service and found that it was well attended by the younger crowd, which made Gus v. happy. I think that we'll become members there.

I'm currently at 32 weeks with 2 more months to go! My good friend Jenn gifted us a newborn photography session compliments of her husband Matt. What a lovely gift and I am super excited for the photos! Oh yes, and the weather has cooled off tremendously making me one happy expectant mommy!

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