Wednesday, August 4, 2010

farmer in the dell

We are slowly adjusting to our new small town life. Gus spoke with his best friend on the phone last night for the first time since probably February and his friend commented on how domestic Gus has become - moving to Duluth, having a baby, fixing up the house, coaching soccer, etc. Today I decided to check out the Duluth Farmer's Market before heading into work. I picked up some cute flowers for Jenn's birthday and 2 lbs of green beans. There are not a whole lot of vendors or selection at the market, but it is also kind of nice that it isn't as busy as the Minneapolis Farmer's Market. I do however miss those bratwursts in Minneapolis with the peppers and onions. I still haven't gotten one this summer. Those are so good!

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  1. ok so I'm finally getting around to reading your blog and yes the flowers are super cute! They still look amazing on my desk. Originally I didn't realize the flowers came from two separate places ;). Very cool that you were up early and supporting the farmer's market. I keep saying I'm going to go there early but you know me and mornings!