Friday, October 1, 2010

bitchin' kitchen

So the kitchen is about as done as it is going to be for now. And as much as I lamented over the construction time, Gus did a beautiful job. Once he gets the counters cleared of all his nails, screws, tools, etc. I'll post some pictures. We got the kitchen table back in place last night and even went to Home Depot to look at back splash and light fixtures. Unfortunately, we didn't purchase either because we couldn't find any light fixtures we liked and I simply couldn't look at tile any longer. I gave Gus full control over the back splash situation. I just didn't see anything that I fell in love with, but I'm sure that whatever he chooses will be lovely. He's good like that.

Today he is supposed to be removing the carpet from the living room and rearranging what living room furniture we have, which isn't much. We're on the lookout for perhaps a loveseat and a couple armchairs. I think major construction projects will be over by this weekend and then I'd like to focus on maintaining a clean house and nesting a bit before baby gets here!

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  1. I'm so impressed with all you guys have gotten done...moving into a house and doing so much remodeling a few months before baby. And maintaining your sanity along the way. I'd have been an anxious wreck! :)