Monday, October 4, 2010

the last weekend of us

Lying in bed on Sunday, the realization hit me that it was probably that last weekend that it was just me, Husband, and Carl. I really enjoy the time I get to spend with Husband and I'm a little nervous of the changing family dynamic. We had a taste of this when we got Carl last winter and it is visibly obvious the shift in family dynamic with just having a puppy. I love to watch Gus play with Carl. Gus is the one that will wrestle with Carl and throw the stick for him for two hours at a time. I'm the one that will cuddle and snuggle with the pup and try to keep him calm. Even just with the puppy, I can see how my relationship with Gus shifted. I imagine it will be similar, but to a much greater degree, with the baby.

I run the gamut of emotions when I think of this baby and how my life is going to change. I'm excited to see what she looks like. Anxious about making sure she is healthy. Scared for labor and delivery. Hopeful that we will be able to give her everything she needs and wants. Unsure of how our life is going to change. I guess it is one of those things you can never be prepared for.

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