Monday, June 28, 2010


We spent our weekend moving from Minneapolis to Duluth. Saturday we had some help, but Sunday Husband did an entire load by himself. He did an awesome job. Despite being pregnant and not having to move much, I'm still exhausted from driving back and forth from Minneapolis to Duluth and just the sheer anxiety of hoping everything goes smoothly. Carl Rove had a tough day for the Saturday move ... all day in a car and a minor incident of having his tail stuck in the car door. Sunday wasn't much better because he spent 9 hours in his puppy jail aka "crate." But he got to run out at Jenn's dog park aka "her yard" on Sunday night and burn off a little energy. So it was a busy, exhausting, not super fun weekend but it's DONE. If all goes as planned, we'll be closing on our new little house on July 29 and then the moving process will start all over again!

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  1. whoo hoo, so excited that "Jenn's dog park" even got a mention. We LOVED having you guys come out. Piper needs more playmates ... she slept through the night and this morning was still too tired to be her normal hyper self, which I *really* appreciated :).