Monday, June 14, 2010


So it *looks* like there is a taker on the loft. I hate to put it out there in case it falls through, but I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it. Background check cleared and are waiting for landlord to sign a lease with new tenant. We are tentatively moving out June 26 with a final inspection on June 27.

This weekend between late night at Barbette, stroller shopping (more on that later), and birthday drinks for a friend at Bar Lurcat (water for me, yay!), I managed to pack up most of my dresser, 1/2 my closet, and 1/2 my shoes so Husband doesn't have to do those things for me during the week. I managed to try on most of my clothes to see what I can continue to wear with a growing belly and what needs to be packed away with a label such as ... "Pre-pregnancy jeans that my hips may NEVER fit into EVER again." This was an EXHAUSTING venture, but I'm glad I did it. Having less and less to wear makes it much easier to decide on an outfit every morning. However, I am feeling pretty good about the size of my maternity (or non-maternity but fits me while pregnant) wardrobe.

Getting out from under this lease is a step in the right direction except Husband will be left homeless in Minneapolis for the time being. I'm hoping that he can lean on friends or perhaps my family and live somewhere for free so that we aren't throwing more money at rent, but I know he's reluctant to ask favors of anyone. I'm the same way, so while I understand I'm hoping that our situation is tight enough that he will swallow some pride and ask for help.

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