Friday, June 4, 2010

no pants

The other day I made a proclamation that I was going to go pants-less for the rest of this pregnancy. It came about because the maternity pants are all still too big and this baby girl is more than halfway done in there! First I was having a problem holding the pants up and I solved that with a Bella band. Then the legs and butt were getting all stretched out, making me look like a bag lady. I did shell out some dough for a really nice pair of black maternity pants from Hot Mama. They came in XS and are pretty fitted. I love them, but now that it is finally nice out I'm wishing I had them in capris. Since I didn't want to spend another $60 on maternity pants, I thought I'd try Motherhood (again) and Kohl's. In both places the S was still too big! I so wish these places made XS. I did try on a pair of regular sized black capris at Kohl's and needed a size 10. I simply could not bring myself to buy a size 10 so I saved my money and went home.

Luckily, my friend Tammy came to my rescue. I stopped by her house last night and not only did she give me two garbage bags of maternity clothes, she also fed me dinner and I got to hang out with her adorable kids. She had a couple pairs of capris and several pairs of jeans. I need to get the jeans hemmed, since Tammy's has legs for days and I'm not quite so blessed. But, it looks like I might be able to wear pants again after all, which makes me happy because there are some cute maternity shirts out there. Although, I'm really trying NOT to buy anymore maternity clothes until I absolutely cannot fit into anything else I have and have to either buy new clothes or skip work because coming to work naked is likely prohibited.

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