Tuesday, June 1, 2010

happy memorial day

One day late ...

It's back to work, but we had a fantastic weekend. We played lots of Scrabble and cribbage and Carl ate lots of sticks, went swimming, and ran around the island. I think he had the best vacation out of any of us. It's so fun to see him exploring. I was surprised when he went to swimming just to swim and not to chase a stick or a ball. I was even more surprised when he just kept swimming farther and farther from shore. Had to call him back or he might have swam clear across the lake!

Haven't had a picture for awhile, so here you go.

Shoes: Steve Madden wedges. These are a sensible height. I wore those Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges a couple weeks ago and had a mishap in the parking lot. Not sensible or practical shoes. After some alcohol wipes, hydrogen peroxide, and lots of screaming, my wound was cleaned and now it's all healed up! But those shoes are kind of messed up.
Dress: J Crew. This is one of my absolute favorite dresses. It's navy (because I know you can't tell from this picture) and it is so comfortable. Plus it still fits my growing belly!
Cardigan: Gap
Necklace: Target. I've been wearing this necklace a lot lately because I didn't bring that many necklaces to Duluth and I haven't been back to Minnie for a couple weeks now. I asked Gus to bring me 19 pairs of shoes this past weekend and figured it was too much to ask him to dig through my necklaces too.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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