Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Last night Kate told me that my blog has been slacking. Part of the problem is that I hate taking pictures in the new work bathroom. It kind of grosses me out. Today I realized that this is probably the last time I'm going to get to wear some of my cute clothes until after I push this baby out. I bought a pair of black maternity capris thinking that I could wear them throughout this pregnancy, but unfortunately it is entirely too cold where I am living now to wear capris and I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy some black work pants. A friend gave me some work pants, but she is shorter than me and so I need to find some cute flats to wear with them.

So the two things I need are 1) black work pants and 2) flats. Since looking at black pants can't be nearly as exciting as looking at shoes, here are flats from Target that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection

 These remind of Chanel quilted flats. I really like the cream and black color, but they do come in other colors as well. Only $36.99

I really like the color of these. Fun way to add a punch of color to an outfit, especially since it looks like it is going to be the summer of black for me. I mean it seems most appropriate and versatile to buy black maternity pants and dresses, so I should at last have some fun shoes, no? Plus these are only $16.99!

I love the cognac color of these and the studs add just a little bit of edge with out being over the top. I'm not sure how often I would wear this color though. They also come in black - hmmm. $17.99

And last but not least ... at some point here I'm hoping that it will warm up enough to wear sandals at least once this summer. I'm so sick of being cold. Love the little wedge heel on these sandals. $26.99

Perhaps a run to Target is in order at lunchtime today? Hmmm ...

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  1. so did you go to target and did you buy shoes? :)