Monday, May 10, 2010

lesson learned

This weekend I did some much needed maternity clothes shopping. I finally picked up a pair of black pants and I am super happy with them. I got them at Hot Mama, where the saleswoman hollered at Gus for telling me I was not a mother yet and should not expect a Mother's Day card. In his defense he did buy me a box of Godiva the week before Mother's Day, but when he tried to tell the saleswoman this she simply responded that "it was a good start," basically implying that he should get me something else. She even told me that she was going to buy me a gift for Mother's Day. I recommend these pants though, seriously. I got them in the petite length which makes them perfect for wearing with a small heel or wedge.

They were $68, but very versatile and super nice material.

Throughout the rest of my day shopping, here is what I learned. There comes a point in your pregnancy where you will be able to fit into regular clothes, but they will just make you look and/or feel really fat. I think I have reached that point and am trying to now only wear clothes that show off the bump as opposed to hiding it. I tried on a dress at Martin + Osa this weekend because the whole store was 50% off. I tried a size larger than I typically wear and while it fit, I simply do not have the waist anymore to pull it off. I looked fat. Lesson learned.

So today, while my outfit is nothing to write home about, I am happy to report I am wearing the above mentioned maternity pants and loving them. The best part of my outfit is the shoe - everything else is black.

Shoes: Target

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