Thursday, May 27, 2010

what i want ...

So usually what I want is a cute new pair of shoes or a dress, but today's list is of the things I want but can't have because I'm pregnant ... and perhaps Gus will bring me some of them in the hospital after Baby is born.

1) Sushi - Spicy tuna rolls, negihama rolls, salmon and tuna nigiri. Both Gus and I love sushi and would eat it at least once a week, if we could afford to. Too bad we don't live in NYC. You could always get cheap sushi, cheap pedicures, and cheap flowers. Cooked and veggie sushi just doesn't do it for me. I need raw fish. I like the texture the taste - everything about it.

2) Champagne - Veuve in particular. I love champagne and sparkling wine. I hope there is a split of Veuve waiting for me after I deliver this kid!

3) Bloody Marys - I love bloody marys! I like it when it has lots of "stuff" in it, shrimp, celery, pickle, olives, onions, and especially the beef sticks. I love a bloody mary bar so much that some weekends I would set my own up.

4) NY Strip cooked medium rare - I know I can have steak cooked well done, but again that is like eating cooked "sushi." We went to Las Vegas shortly after I found out I was pregnant. The last time we were in Vegas, which is when we got married, we had THE MOST DELICIOUS steak dinner. Of course I ordered the filet but Gus ordered the NY Strip and since it was more delicious than mine he gave me the rest of his. He always gives me the best stuff ... ALWAYS. I'm not kidding either. He gives me the last bite or drink of delicious things, when he picks out two flavors of something he always lets me pick first, and he's v. good at sharing (which I am not good at doing).

5) Seafood tower - At the same delicious steak dinner mentioned above, we had a seafood tower. Oysters on the half shell, lobster, shrimp, etc. So yummy! I love oysters and since raw is out, I have not had any of them either. Plus I have been limiting my fish intake and so haven't had much delicious seafood either. I'm hoping that P.B. (post-baby) we can go to Sea Change at the Guthrie and try the raw bar there.

6) Diet Coke - P.B. I am going to drink Diet Coke with reckless abandon! I have really been limiting my Diet Coke intake, which is AMAZING for me since Gus really thought I was addicted, which clearly I am not. I dropped it cold turkey in the weeks right after finding out I was pregnant and have only had one here and there ever since.

7) Not food related, but I will be v. happy when I can sleep on my back again and not feel guilty about limiting the blood supply to my brain and to the baby.

That is all.

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