Thursday, May 6, 2010

my lovely baby bump

Jenn told me that my bump was starting to look cute today. Yay! Today is the first day I'm wearing actual REAL maternity clothes to work. I did run to Target and picked up this dress for only $7.80 on the clearance rack. I don't necessarily love the print, but for less than $8.00, I couldn't go wrong. I did pick up a couple of other unnecessary items at Target too and in the interest of honesty and accountability, I will post them as well.

Here's my outfit!

Boots: Old Navy
That's it folks!

But, here are my other Target purchases from yesterday ...

This Liberty of London top for $12. I refrained from purchasing any LOL items, even though there were several cute things and many items have caused a frenzy on the fashion boards. Seeing this on the clearance rack though, something came over me ... so obviously this was an impulse purchase. All the tags are still attached so I *guess* I could return it. But I think it would look super cute with my new True Religion jeans and my pink heels. We'll see whether the good or bad angel on my shoulder wins out.
I caved and bought these Cynthia Vincent wedges at full price $29.99. They are SUPER cute. I had read some reviews and one person said that the ankle strap wasn't adjustable and they were too big on her, so I was thinking that I wouldn't even need to try them since I have pretty small ankles. But I was browsing the shoe aisles and I saw these AGAIN. I tried them on and LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. They are so cute on my feet!! I even thought about putting them back and waiting for a sale, but then I realized that this was the LAST PAIR in my size! Curses.

Next up, a post of some of the maternity clothes I've purchased in the last few weeks. I can't wait to wear it all!


  1. You look super cute... love the boots with dress.

    PS... where did those boobs come from? ;)

  2. Yeah, Nina mentioned to me that the dress showed off her boobs. She wasn't kidding! :)