Tuesday, May 25, 2010

all quiet on the home front

It's been quiet on this blog because it has really not been all quiet on the home front. There are no pictures of me because 1) I'm not really cute and pregnant and 2) the bathroom continues to skeeve me out.

Having a baby, saving for a house, student loans, etc. has made me into one giant whine fest and I hate to put it all out there since it probably makes for not.fun.reading.at.all. But, some good things have happened and I'm starting to at least get things in order so that my life can proceed in the best most efficient way possible.

1) We are saving aggressively for a house that we would like to live in, but still haven't found. I did find one that I really liked so hopefully we can get it for the right price! We're just waiting to see how things shake out since it just went on the market.

2) Carl Rove busted through a door at my cousin's house and it was looking like it would cost nearly $200 to replace it, but Husband has stepped up and now has confidence that he can stain and hang a door on his own. I'm rather proud of him since I was feeling like perhaps I married someone that wasn't very handy. I'm not handy at all, so I can't imagine I would have chosen someone who also was not handy. Disastrous!

3) Since Carl Rove broke the door he has been relegated to a kennel during the day while I'm at work. I felt really badly about it yesterday, but this morning he went in there rather willingly, making me feel much better about locking my dog away for 9 hours. He did get to go for a half hour walk with me this a.m., which helps to alleviate puppy mom guilt.

4) We are having a GIRL! I'm so excited! I can't wait to start buying things - except see #1. I will not be buying anything until we save enough for the down payment and move into the house.

5) I *think* if I can get my doctor to prescribe me a breast pump, I can get it covered by insurance as "durable medical equipment." Super excited about that because who wants to spend $400 on a breast pump? I can think of an infinite number of things I would rather spend my money on. Trust me.

6) I had been feeling really disappointed about Duluth's lack of dog parks. Last night I took Carl Rove to Keane Creek because I really didn't have anywhere else to take him. Jenn had said it wasn't very nice so I was skeptical. While it isn't fabulous, it was certainly better than nothing. The dogs (and people for that matter) there kind of sucked, but Carl and I just played fetch and at least he got to run off some energy. It is actually bigger and nicer than the park in the Warehouse District in Minneapolis where everyone in that 'hood takes their pups. So, I'm feeling better about Duluth hating on dogs.

7) We decided last night to file our taxes separately this coming year so that I can get on an income-based repayment plan for my student loans. I did the math and when I started repaying my loans I had almost $125,000 in student loan debt. This is more than we expect to offer on a house at this point (mostly due to student loan debt). Thanks to the College Cost Reduction and Access Act and my new employer, I'm hoping to get these loans paid off in 10 years. This feels amazing since I have been living with the idea that I would be paying $1,000/month for the next 30 years.

8) And one more thing! Husband has agreed to let a broker market the loft and see if he can get it rented. Thank goodness! They charge 1 month rent, which would mean our security deposit could go towards that. I don't think Husband has been doing a diligent job of advertising the place so am hoping that the broker can do a better job. He better do a better job if I'm paying him!

So after a 44 minute telephone conversation with Husband about money (one of my least favorite topics), I feel good that we have a plan, or at least we appear to. Enough of a plan to give me some peace of mind and help me enjoy the time I have with my puppy this week. Carl Rove is looking forward to going to Jenn's on Wednesday!


  1. btw I DO think you're cute and pregnant. And so do others around here! I don't blame you about the bathrooms though.

  2. Yay on having a girl!!!! Trust me--everyone will buy you so many cute clothes for her that you don't even need to worry about it. And they grow out of clothing soooooo quickly. I bought my son ONE outfit every few months (he had TONS of cute hand-me-downs and baby shower gifts) and that was more than enough for pictures, etc.

    And good for you for figuring out the student loan sitch. I went to law school twice (once for three days and once for an entire semester)and both times quit because I was freaked out about the loans/job prospects. It's good to see that you are happy with your job and have a plan to get that shit paid off...and probably make a good salary in the meantime :)