Thursday, May 13, 2010


I feel like I've had a pretty craptastic week so far.
  • I'm freezing
  • I have a cold and feel miserable. Not taking cold medicine for the kid's sake is really killing me.
  • I miss my husband and puppy
  • I hate all houses in this city so far. Hate is a strong word, but I definitely don't LOVE any of them
  • There are no good puppy daycares or off-leash parks for Carl Rove. Does this city hate dogs? Perhaps.
Gus drove halfway last night and we exchanged the dog and tried to rush several days worth of happenings into a 30 minute conversation for a piece of cherry pie. This is the first week so far that I've had doubts about whether this was the right move for us right now. Financially, it makes sense - or at least it will if we can sublet our uber expensive loft. I didn't realize how expensive it was, but Gus pointed out that we are very particular and have always been willing to pay a little more for certain amenities. But at this point, emotionally, I'm having a tough time. So I'm venting. It's Thursday though and that means I can go home on Friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend - more shopping and hanging with the puppy. 


  1. Hope Carl is cheering you up!

  2. It's been a craptastic week for me too. I've definitely been feeling freezing and I think a little depression -- possibly because of the gray weather, possibly because of being tired all the time, or - ? Normally I'd be longing to go out for drinks to vent. Too bad that can't happen! :)Hope you have a good weekend and that next week is better!

  3. Quiet week from Nina! I'm missing my reading material for those procrastination moments at work :)