Saturday, April 17, 2010

the rules: modified

I started new job this past week and it was great for the 2.5 days I worked and then it was awful for the other 2.5 days when I laid in bed with the flu, 150 miles from Gus and the puppy so I couldn't even get a hug. I have a nice large mirror in the bathroom at new job so hopefully I can start taking pictures again regularly. Unfortunately I didn't realize that it was 100 degrees colder in new location. I froze by butt off last week. All winter clothes are coming with me this week. Sweaters, pants, boots, you name it sister, I've got it ready to go.

Back in Minneapolis for the weekend. Carl Rove got a little fixin' at the vet on Friday so he can't make any babies. Now he's got a cone and some of my underwear on. He looks pretty embarrassed. Poor little guy! He hates the cone.

And now for the rules modification ... I will not be able to make this a total spend free 365 days because ... I'M PREGNANT! I've been waiting to announce until I was able to announce at new job. But Jenn jumped the gun on that one by offering to take me to sushi for my first lunch. Jenn knows me so well that had I not eaten sushi, she would have gotten suspicious. So first day right out of the gates, telling new boss that I'm with child.

So now let's talk shopping ... MATERNITY CLOTHES! I've already started a collection from a friend who gave me a bunch from her last two pregnancies. Not totally my style but will work for casual wear. I haven't popped yet so I can still wear my regular clothes with help from a Bella Band every once in awhile. Here's what I've purchased so far:
  • 2 Bella Bands ($26/each)
  • black jersey dress (on sale at LOFT, but I don't remember the price)
  • 2 maxi dresses from Forever 21 ($24 total)
  • maternity leggings from Motherhood Maternity ($19.99)
  • maternity capris from Motherhood Maternity ($19.99)
  • True Religion jeans from Shopbop because I needed some fat jeans. I can't disclose the price because I'm kind of embarrassed. Let's just say that they weren't on sale and for those of you who know designer denim you know about how much I paid. BUT I DID GET FREE SHIPPING! And they came the v. next day. So there.
And on my little spending spree, I picked up a few items that I had been wanting that don't exactly qualify as maternity wear ...
  • Striped top New York & Co ($15) - it was 50% off!
  • Striped top H&M ($10) - and it had CUTE puffy sleeves
  • Black t-shirt dress H&M ($10) - honestly, I think it will look cute with leggings and my little baby bump, if I ever get one! 
But now I will tell you how I was good. I went to a consignment shop that has maternity clothing, as well as regular clothing. I sold a bunch of clothes there and got $44 and then turned around and spent that plus another $18 and got all this ...
  • BCBG wrap dress - not maternity but I think it will look cute while pregnant
  • 1 pair of maternity shorts - green cargo shorts not jorts thank you v. much
  • 3 or 4 tops - I can't remember how many but all will work for maternity wear
I looked at the same pair of capris that I purchased new and this store was trying to sell them for $14.00. I thought HELL, I will pay the extra $6 for new ones for the peace of mind that no one else has worn them.

So readers, that is wear (where) I'm at. There is another consignment maternity store in Richfield and I'm going to try to get Gus to go with me this afternoon since we will be in S. Mpls anyway for a book release. I hear it is supposed to be good. Plus since I've been gone all week Gus feels like he should spend time with me now. Good husband.


  1. hmmm I notice that you didn't actually modify the rules ... are you gonna state what things you're allowed to buy? or limit the # of items or amount of $?

  2. Well, I've put a pretty big dent in my maternity clothes shopping. There are a couple things I still think I need ...

    1) more flats/low wedges
    2) some non-tent shirts to show off my cute bump
    3) a black sheath type dress
    4) maybe a dress or two for work - but I will hold off until my other ones don't fit any longer

    I think at this point the rules are ... if I don't fit into anything else, I get to buy new clothes.

  3. Um so which of these goes on the discretion list? ;) Perhaps you should have a goal... like I will try to spend no more than ____ on maternity wear. You will be tempted... and tempted often. Maternity clothes are stinkin cute! But I do think you can manage with only a few core items and take advantage of the stretchy things you already own.