Tuesday, April 20, 2010

70 degrees and sunny

So I'm dressed like it is still sprinter out, but people here CLAIM that it will be like 70 degrees today. I'll believe it when I feel it. Regardless I'd rather be toasty warm and since being with child, I've noticed that I'm COLD all.the.time. I thought I was supposed to be hot all the time, but of course I'm the opposite. Just a testament to my contrary nature, I guess. I'm going to Wal-Mart today to buy a body pillow. Yes, I said it. WAL-MART. Yes, I watched that documentary about how Wal-Mart kills small town America and local businesses. But since learning that I need to sleep on my side and suffering through a few nights of barely sleeping due to laying on my side, I'm getting a body pillow, which is rumored to retail at Wal-Mart for $10. Boppy sells these ridiculous pregnancy pillows that cost upwards of $40. Pretty sure Gus would FREAK out if I bought one of those. So Wal-Mart it is.

Just another quick thought before my outfit for today - Gus also told me that I am not allowed to purchase the baby clothing at places such as Gymboree, Children's Place, or Hanna Anderson. I get the Hanna Anderson one, a tank top there was $22. Seriously? I don't even pay $22 for a tank top for myself. He has conceded to have our baby garbed in Target clothing. Funny how he is already laying down shopping rules for me. He knows me so well.

And here is what you've been waiting for ...

I'm really hoping it is my computer screen that is making me look like this picture was taken in a fun house mirror.

Boots: Old Navy
Skirt: J Crew. V. v. old, but I still like it and it still fits over my growing baby bump
Sweater: Also J Crew
Vest: Old Navy


  1. ooooh yeah here I was thinking of rules for maternity shopping and Gus is already thinking down the road to rules for baby clothes!

  2. Rummage sales! Baby clothes are barely used the first couple months. You can get them like new and a fraction of even Target prices! To get Gymboree use ebay, and Children's Place actually has decent prices and excellent sales along with old navy. Seems like the two of us may need to hit the sales this summer. (I'm assuming the above comment is from friend Jenn who I've never met) Jenn... you in? :)

  3. Kate, I'm totally in! It'd be wonderful to meet you and sounds fun!