Wednesday, April 21, 2010

oh baby!

So as the days go by, my clothes get tighter and tighter. I'm wearing my grey M+O shift dress that I honestly thought would fit me for much of this pregnancy since it is empire waist and a modest length. Even the waist part feels tighter than usual. Ugh. I have a feeling this won't fit me much longer either. Since I've only spending weekdays here, I had to pick out all my clothes for the week on Sunday. I hope the dress I picked for tomorrow still fits!

And let's talk about maternity clothes ... AGAIN.

- Kate says that there are so many cute maternity clothes. WHERE? Seriously. I've seen some hideous dresses with bows and polka dots, as well as some awful looking tent shirts. I mean when your stomach is huge, you do not need to put a bow on it. IT IS NOT A PRESENT.

- Jenn pointed out that I had really not made any new rules for myself besides just making an exception for buying stuff. I guess my rule is that I'm going to try to find as much as I can at the consignment store and I'm going to keep going to stores until I find some shit that makes me look cute and not fat. Honestly? I don't think I'm going to have a problem because as far as I can tell, maternity clothing is not that attractive and trust me, I look online, in stores, EVERYWHERE.

Bottom line, I would like to look as cute and non-tent like as possible THANK YOU. I'm also running into the simple problem that maternity clothes, even small or extra small are still too damn big. I would just like to stop feeling fat and start feeling pregnant.

Oh and just another baby-related thought ... I don't need to "practice" by holding your baby, nor do I probably want to hold your baby or change its diaper. End rant.

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  1. N ~ You crack me up. I love your rant. I almost spit out my coffee. Almost.