Monday, April 26, 2010

case of the mondays

Saturday I tried to wear a pair of maternity jeans thinking that maybe this bump has gotten big enough. I was wrong. The waist was still a little big and the butt and thigh areas were still pretty huge. Ugh. Back to my regular jeans with a Bella Band I guess. Gus even took me to a maternity consignment store, one that I had heard other Minneapolis mommies to be raving about. Unfortunately, I found it pretty heinous and the only cute things were dresses that they "rent" for special occasions and I guess they weren't going to sell me the XS. I am still on the hunt for some cute maternity jeans and maybe some more dresses when I can finally fit into them!

Here's me simply looking fat today ...

Boots: Old Navy
Dress: BCBG. Thrifted this. $20!
Jacket: Forever 21

This new "studio" is extremely unflattering. Perhaps I can get a full length mirror at home soon.

1 comment:

  1. oh come on, those orange bathroom stalls add so much!

    and you DO.NOT look fat. puh-lease.