Friday, April 23, 2010

thank you!

After b!tching about how all maternity clothes are gross, my good friend Kate took it upon herself to find some cute stuff. Unfortunately, it is more than I would even spend on regular clothes and hopefully I would be able to wear for a long time. However, some of it is adorable and maybe I will be able to find it in regular sizing and just size up a couple sizes for when I'm huge? This can be my new goal! I do still want to hit the consignment shop, but in MN most of the maternity consignment has come from one of four places, JCPenny, Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity, or Gap. Not exactly high fashion. I figure if I have to be huge, I might as well look super cute!

I hope to live in dresses this summer and I've been wanting a dress just like this one ... and it OBVIOUSLY doesn't hurt that it has also been seen on Brangelina and Heidi!

And for when it gets colder, which I assume it will do in like late August in this frozen tundra of the north that I've decided to call home. This is super cute and I wish it wasn't $209 or that someone would sell it at the consignment shop.

One of my biggest problems has been finding acceptable tops, but here is one that is not only acceptable, but also cute! Holla!

So thanks Kate. Unfortunately, I CANNOT spend that much $$ on maternity clothes or there will probably be a threat of divorce and I'll be a single mama. But I always manage to find a look for less and let's hope I haven't lost my magic touch!

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  1. Yes this will be our goal... the looks for less. As I told you... one of these items was the budget for my ENTIRE maternity wardrobe. We've got a mission! There must be something similar out there that is reasonable!