Wednesday, April 7, 2010

shear genius

I've actually been watching this show. Tonight is the finale! And also tonight ... TOP CHEF MASTERS! I love Top Chef and this spinoff. Last year after Rick Bayless won, I wanted to go to Frontera so badly. Unfortunately, when we were in Chicago there were no reservations ... FOR THE NEXT MONTH AND A HALF. We tried to walk in and eat at the bar, but it was jam packed. I did actually get a delicious dinner that evening in downtown Chicago, but it wasn't Rick Bayless mole. *tear*

Since I will be leaving the metro area, I am also getting my hair cut tonight by my all time favorite stylist. I've been seeing Justin at Denny Kemp for several years. I'm not sure what I will do when I'm living a few hundred miles away. Perhaps I will just have to make a road trip for a good hairsnip.

And here's what I'm wearing -

Shoes: Kohls. These were all the rage on Makeup Alley maybe a year ago? I really like them. Good color. Fairly comfy, and v. affordable.
Pants: Forever 21. I bought a similar pair at Macy's for about 3 times the price and then when I found these the Macy's pants went back to the store.
Tank: Old Navy
Jacket: BCBG. I picked this up at the outlet. I love the BCBG outlet. I wish it lived closer to me. And now with the move, it is conceivable that I may never set foot in it again. There is a BCBG outlet in the Chicago are near my inlaws though, but Illinois has sales tax on clothing ... DRAT. So I try to only buy things there that I absolutely CANNOT get in Minnesota. Because really? Do I need to pay sales tax on purchases from Old Navy ... I THINK NOT.

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  1. there are a couple nice salons within walking distance of work, and a few others downtown that seem really nice. I mean, I know what it's like to have someone you totally love that's irreplaceable, but might be worth a try?