Tuesday, July 13, 2010

baby brain

I take great pride in my fantastic memory. No, really. I have a really good memory. My dad used to tell me what was on his list when we went to the store because he knew that I would remember it. He used to say I had a mind like a steel trap. So, this baby frying my brain leaves me a bit frustrated - especially since Gus likes to use it as the reason his recollection MUST be correct. I do admit that I have had my pregnancy brain moments. I locked my keys in the car at Cupcake a couple weeks ago and my friend Laura had to drive me home to get my spare set. Most recently, I was reviewing some mortgage documents and they just seemed so complicated that I gave up and made Gus review them last night. To my credit, even he said it was complicated. I'm sort of looking forward to having my brain and my body to myself again, but I'm only 27 weeks so I guess I will be waiting a bit longer.


  1. that sounds just awful. I hope I don't get baby brain!

  2. There is more to come... momnesia sets in just after the birth. :)