Monday, July 26, 2010

wax on wax off

I had another little adventure in Duluth on Friday. I am absolutely in love with the Refinery Day Spa in Dinkytown for waxing. Seriously. Amy is the absolute best and I've also seen Autumn, who did a great job too. Plus their prices CANNOT be beat ... $35 for a Brazilian is practically unheard of, as can be demonstrated by the fact that the cheapest place I could find in Duluth for a Brazilian is $50+. You, like myself, might wonder what the "+" means. In order to clarify, I placed a call to the salon that went something like this:

Me: What does $50+ mean? What would cost more than $50?

Salon: Well, like if you want more hair taken off ...

Me: But a Brazilian is getting all the hair taken off, what more could I want?

Salon: Let me check.

Me: *waiting patiently*

Salon: It would be $50.

Me: OK, I will make an appointment.

Well, fast forward to my appointment where, as it turns out, "+" does not refer to the amount of hair you are having removed, it is a reference to the skill, expertise, and experience of the person removing the hair. Apparently, the woman who did my service is so skilled and experienced that she charges $60. Nice. While she wasn't horrible, she did take kind of a long time and I definitely don't think the service was worth $60 regardless of her skill and experience. The hunt continues to find a reasonably priced salon that will wax my lady parts.

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  1. I loved the Refinery when I lived there too!

    Let me know when you find someone awesome in Duluth.