Monday, July 12, 2010

good weekend

Our first full weekend in Duluth together was lovely. We babysat for my cousin's nine year-old on Friday night and took her to Park Point for some swimming. Saturday we hit up the Taste of Greece at the Marshall High School. Kind of expensive, just OK food, but for a good cause so I don't feel too ripped off. Then we proceeded to attempt to finish registering online and in-store. We ended up starting a Babies R Us registry for Gus's family in Chicago. His mom decided she wanted to have a shower for us while we are there in August. I'm hoping my friend Kristen, who lives out in the 'burbs of Chicago and is also expecting will be able to join us. Saturday night we took Carl Rove for a walk on the lake walk. He went down by the water and was a sad little puppy when he couldn't go all the way in and swim. Really sad puppy. But he'll be out at Jenn's house next weekend so he can swim in their river to his heart's content. Sunday we tried out a new church, made some homemade eggrolls, and then had lunch at Va Bene with some friends from Minneapolis. Of course I got the P.L.P., which even Gus said was more delicious than his sandwich. 

Overall, a good busy weekend. Since neither of us knows that many people here, it is kind of an adventure to explore and find little things to do with Husband. For some reason, I am extra tired today though.

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  1. Wow, you had such a full weekend! I didn't know you guys were churchgoers - which church did you go to?

    SO glad you introduced Gus to the PLP ;)

    I was telling Matt last night how excited I am to have Carl on Saturday. He's such a good dog, and I know Piper will love having a play mate! I'm sure Hannah will get in a bit of running too, but it's really Piper that needs to wear off energy ...