Monday, July 19, 2010

the simple life

Despite still living in my cousin's basement, Gus and I are adjusting quite well to a bit quieter life in Duluth. Our weekends have been relaxed with errands to run, groceries to buy, etc., but no crowds at Costco to fight and no trying to decide where we want to eat because there really aren't as many delicious restaurant options here.

We've found a church and met some of our fellow churchgoers. We are a bit like senior citizens I think because we prefer the traditional church service over the contemporary outdoor church service, but are assured by the older generation, who have been very friendly and welcoming, that there are some young people at this church. So our past two Sundays have been church, grocery shopping, napping, and then maybe a walk in the early evening. Last night after our nap and some overall lazing around, we headed to Jay Cook State Park to check it out. It was kind of late so we didn't hike around much, but stopped at the visitor center and looked at what the park had to offer. I think we'll get our annual permit next time we head out there. Then we took Carl Rove to the dog park where he met a Newfoundland puppy, Hugo. That puppy was L-A-Z-Y! It was cute to just seem him lumber around. At 6 months his owner said he was 100 lbs and ate 9 cups of food each day. Carl Rove has 1/4 Newfie in him, but luckily he only eats 4 cups/day and he is a bit more energetic.

We are taking advantage of our low-key weekends because next up is a whirlwind of activity. Closing on the house, moving, heading to Chicago, nesting, renovating, etc. But overall, I think we are going to be happy here together. I am blessed to have the husband that I do. I really enjoy just being with him and it makes me happy and hopeful that we are starting this new life adventure together. 

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  1. Where is the dog park? Trav's coworker just bought a newfoundland. Do you know the owners name?
    Tryin to play catch up on this blog... feels weird to have you adjusting to Duluth life when I'm not around. :)