Wednesday, July 21, 2010

full house

I literally feel like I'm living in this early 90s sitcom. My cousin Alex moved in on Monday. So now it's Krista, who owns a house, her daughter, Gianna, myself, Gus, and Alex. Oh yes and two pups, Carl Rove and Lulu. We are quite the little family. Last night I came home to everyone sitting around the kitchen table eating Gus's delicious fried rice. He's got dinner ready when I get home, just like a good stay at home husband. Love it! Then it was off to watch Gianna's last regular softball game of the season. We've become regular softball fans at these games. Plus my aunt and uncle, Gianna's grandparents, are always there and Uncle Chuck loves to talk to Gus. Next week we'll be moving out of the full house, but I'm so happy that we are living closer to family!

1 comment:

  1. You're livin' the dream! Reminds me of when we were living with Adam. A full, cozy house. Family is nice, isn't it? :)