Tuesday, March 30, 2010

spring has sprung

Sort of. Yesterday a.m. on my commute to work it was 37 degrees. NOT OK. But, it's Easter this weekend. Heading up to see my aunts and uncles. I really want to get Carl Rove some bunny ears because he would be so ADORABLE with bunny ears on. Gus sort of forbid me to get him ears, but I think I might do it anyway. Because how mad can he be when he sees how adorable a puppy with bunny ears looks? Seriously.

So at my new job I think I'm only going to be wearing jeans on Fridays so I'm trying to get all my denim wearing in before I start.

Shoes: Steve Madden. Peeptoe snakeskin. Loe them.
Jeans: 7FAMK
Beater: Calvin Klein. It's actually Gus's. I don't know if it still fits him, but he claims it does. I'm glad he doesn't read this blog.
Jacket: Nordstrom.
Necklace: JCPenney. I think.

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