Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tuesday temptation

I spent yesterday napping on the couch with my favorite puppy. Now I'm wearing jeans, Will Steger mukluks, and a black sweatshirt. It's hot. H-O-T, I tell you. I'll spare you the image. Here's a few picks from Forever 21, my go to for cheap trendy pieces.

I'm obssessed with stripes this season, along with everyone else. This one is only $10.80. So inexpensive! It comes in several other colors. I'm partial to the grey. It would look so cute with the red wedges hiding in my closet. The ones that are adorable but hurt like H-E double hockey sticks when worn? Yes, those ones.

I'm also obssessed with ruffles. I could wear this top now with a cardigan and of course it would look super chic this summer with cropped pants. My husband hates cropped pants. He just can't understand why "girls want to wear short pants." I even got rid of some of mine in honor of him, but I sneak them back in every once in awhile.

 Also a fan of this plaid jacket. I think it's the one Chloe ala The Chloe Conspiracy has posted on her blog in some of her outfits of the day. She is adorable. You should check her out. Or don't because you will realize that her blog is 8 bazillion times better than mine and will never read 365 days again!

I'll admit that I haven't had the best luck with shoes from Forever 21, but I still like the look of these. I mean I wear uncomfortable shoes all.the.time. These are a knock-off of a pair of L.A.M.B. shoes. I love the color. I would wear them with a pencil skirt to add a bit of edge to an office look.

Maybe tomorrow I can muster enough energy to actually dress myself? Stay tuned.


  1. I am loving those shoes... but hating how I know my feet would hurt after just a few hours at work! I've also never had luck with Forever21 shoes... :(

  2. hmmm I can't join you in the stripe love, but I do love ruffles and wish I could wear that shirt right now! :)