Friday, February 5, 2010

all the little ants go marching ...

*singing* They all do it the same.  This is how I feel when I sit in the line of cars waiting to turn right into the compound also known as where I work. Sigh.

But, it's FRIDAY! We have a busy weekend. Picking up keys to our new place tonight and then dinner with my aunt and uncle, who are in from out of town. Moving day tomorrow. Superbowl and unpacking on Sunday! We, including Carl Rove, have been invited to a Superbowl party and hopefully we can make a cameo. Carl Rove loves going places. He's getting soooo big!

Today's outfit is inspired by this outfit on Love at First Shop.

I would really like to be better at posing for and taking pictures. I feel like this picture does not capture how cute I actually am. Or maybe I'm just not that cute. Also a possibility. Bad hair day today. Sigh. AGAIN.

Boots: GoJane. Yes, you've seen them before, but really I love them. They are the right height, both heel and shaft (yes, I said shaft) and they are super comfy.
Tights: HOT PINK from Old Navy.
Dress: J Crew. Likely purchased on a day when J Crew had an additional percentage off sale prices because that is almost the only time I ever buy J Crew.
Jacket: Ann Taylor. I thrifted this for like $4. I typically have a hard time with thrift stores. I can never find anything cute and am normally appalled by the smell. Keep in mind, I'm in MN and it seems like outlets and thrift stores here are never as exciting as those in other places like New York. I miss NYC.

My biggest criticism of my outfit is that I really need a long necklace like the inspiration outfit. Unfortunately, my jewelry has been packed away and is waiting to be moved to our new place.

And just for fun, here's my little baby, Carl Rove. This was taken a few weeks ago and he's probably gained 5 lbs since then. He's so cute.


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  1. ok that outfit IS super cute as, of course, Carl is.

    And I too am often appalled at the smell of thrift stores. About once a year I make an exception and go to find something cool but it takes a lot to get me there.

    did you used to live in NYC?