Thursday, February 18, 2010

shine on

I know you are sick of the "I'm still unpacking and my closet is a disaster" excuse. Too bad. There are still boxes and boxes of unpacked clothes in the bedroom and some clothes are unpacked and just in piles because there is NOWHERE to put them!

Anywho, I'm still not quite sure I have the hang of the sequins in the daytime trend, but I thought I would try it.
Shoes: Target. You can still get them here.
Pants: J Crew toothpick cords
Tank: Express. I have owned this for several years and have only worn it twice. It's honestly not that comfortable. The stitching on the inside from all the sequins is kind of itchy. In case you were wondering ...
Jacket: Forever 21. I noticed that military/safari-ish jackets are coming back. I saw a couple on the Old Navy and Gap websites. I'm thinking this piece will suffice for that trend. Voila!
Earrings: Arden B

I am in desperate need of something that will house all my jewelry .... necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Any ideas? I wanted to put up a peg board and hang all my necklaces on hooks. Gus nayed it. Boo Gus. So I'm still tying to figure it out.


  1. ok I know I'm a bit behind (moving and stuff made me way behind on blog reading) but FIRST of all I love this outfit. I don't know why but I do.

    Secondly I have been ranting to my friends about jewelry organization as well. A) jewelry boxes are expensive and B) I can't find anything I like anyway. I need organization mainly for necklaces and earrings.

    I can say I absolutely love my solution for necklaces. I use the 3M Command hooks - not the plastic ended ones, but the ones with metal ends:
    Just buy as many as you need, place them in whatever arrangement you want, and you can move them around easily. I have some at my brother's and I've already moved them to three different walls.

    Earrings has proven more difficult. I found some jewelry organizing trays on amazon that I liked, but they were $10 each and I'd want to buy several to hold all my stuff. I was telling my friend Erika that I might go to a craft store and buy a plastic tray/organizer that people who do beading would use. Erika said that one time in Real Simple she read about people using ice cube trays. They're easily stackable and can be put in drawers. I haven't been happy with the bead organizers I've found so actually might give the ice cube trays a try.

  2. I ended up getting a belt/tie rack that hangs in my closet. I can hang all my necklaces on the hooks.

  3. Belt/tie rack is a good idea.

    What do you do for earrings?