Monday, February 8, 2010

i like to move it move it

NOT. Seriously. So exhausted. For the cost of renting a truck and a couple dollies and buying lunch and dinner for a friend and two strangers, we are moved! It took FOREVER and was literally exhausting. Two trips in a 16 foot truck and we still have a couple carloads of stuff in our old place. My feet hurt so much from standing around unpacking. Boo. But, now I'm at work where I can sit on my butt for 8 hours and perhaps recuperate.

Here's the outfit. Don't judge. I'm living out of boxes and a few suitcases. I'm lucky I didn't come to work in my yoga pants.

Boots: Uggs. I got them as a gift during the boot moratorium. Gus was unhappy.
Skirt: Gap
Tee: Gap
Sweater: Old Navy

I really am unhappy with this outfit, but at least I'm not naked. I'm still so tired that I'm having a hard time typing. I don't even have the energy to proofread this so pardon and any spelling/grammatical errors.

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