Monday, February 22, 2010

monday ... AGAIN

We've been in the new place since the beginning of this month and are STILL trying to find places to put EVERYTHING. We have so much sh*t!! Two trips to IKEA and we are still unable to actually purchase anything because I just CANNOT bring myself to pay $400 for a kitchen island that Gus insists he can build for $100. I let him build a wardrobe because again I just couldn't spend $200 for one at IKEA. Materials cost about $75, but he built this gigantic contraption that requires us to rearrange the bedroom yet AGAIN. Why do I feel like my life is so hard? Like how do people deal? Why can't we just unpack our sh*t and be done with it? I just don't understand. OK sorry. RANT OVER. And here's what I'm wearing ...

Boots: Nine West. Purchased last year and I still love them!
Tights: JCPenney. I usually don't remember where I purchase tights from, but today I had to open up a brand spankin' new pair.
Dress: Forever21. This has had to be mended once already, but for less than $20, what does one expect?
Necklace: Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten. Too bad there is no more Steve & Barry's in MN. Boo.

Good news though. I finally got another bite on my craigslist ad where I've been trying to sell the snowboard that I'm too uncoordinated to use. Let's hope I can sell it. A couple hundred extra bucks would sure be nice!

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