Sunday, February 7, 2010

ask me anything (first edition)

As of yet, I haven't received all that many questions. Just in case people start asking more, I thought I'd start a Q&A feature.  Here's one I received from Josie as a post comment.

I have a random question for you...I'm in MN also and I was just wondering if you are wearing heels to interviews (like, walking from the car to the building) and if so, how do you avoid salt on the pants?! Or falling on your butt? lol I'm interviewing also and struggle with this. Good luck w/your interviews!

Yes, I wear heels to interviews. I wear heels almost exclusively because I feel short and stumpy in flats. At my interview on Thursday, I ran into all the problems you described. Actually, I'm not sure I got salt on my pants, but I did almost fall on my butt while trying to walk briskly down an icy hill. My advice? Allow yourself plenty of time to find parking and walk from your car to the interview.

As far as the salt thing goes? Wear really high heels so that your pants don't drag on the ground. Just kidding. Try Zakkerz. I don't actually own these, but if I had to walk farther than across the really big parking lot at work, I might try them.

Good luck with your interviews too!

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