Wednesday, February 3, 2010

jungle boogie

It is soooo cold. Are you sick of hearing me say this? Well, I'm sick of always being cold. Here's another lawyer-ly, but not really outfit. I applied for a job and today I have to take the "assessment" to see if the even want to interview me. I've been struggling in the job search since last April. GRRRRR (I guess that is fitting for my leopard print dress). Leopards growl, right? Or do they hiss? Just in case HIIISSSS too.
Shoes: BCG platform pumps, I wear these quite a bit
Dress: Ann Taylor, purchased on super sale, like 40% off clearance or something
Belt: Old Navy
Jacket: Tahari, one of my favorite jackets even though I own like 4 black blazers
Necklace: Forever 21

Stay warm friends! I'm off to find myself some tea to warm me up!

1 comment:

  1. I love your outfit--so classy!! I am amazed that you are doing a no spend on clothing/eating out for a year. I can't do the not eating out because my husband loves to eat out (and I do too), but I could do the clothing no buy. It would be great to just see how much money I could save up and then have fun spending it the next year. How are you managing to do this? Are you avoiding looking at shopping sites and shopping blogs? Shopping blogs are my downfall. I would love any tips you can give me.