Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hump day

The whole unpacking thing is really a drag. We need to buy/steal/purchase/build a wardrobe for Gus's clothes. Right now I've given him one clothing rod in my closet, which means I still have clothes in boxes and boot boxes under the dresser. But thou shall not complain ... RIGHT? I'm such a complainer, but I think it is my coping mechanism, so that's OK ... I think - at least I'm saying it is OK. And here's what I'm wearing ...

Shoes: Jessica Simpson (don't judge), they are the Louboutin knock-offs, but I really really like them. I wear them ALOT and they probably need to be re-soled if that is possible on cheapie shoes
Pants: Wal-Mart of all places! I typically stay away from the store given the shady business practices, but I did just read in Oprah's magazine that Wal-Mart is one of the 100 things in this world that are actually getting better - so maybe they are giving their employees affordable healthcare and paying them overtime. Anyway, these cords are comfy, stretchy, skinny, and cost much much less than J Crew cords. I think I paid like $11 for these.
Shirt: Banana Republic
Necklaces: Random
Bracelet: Arden B

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