Wednesday, February 24, 2010

one more day 'til vegas

My college roommate is getting married in Vegas on Friday. I'm a lovely bridesmaid. I haven't tried on the dress since it has been altered. Hmmm ... maybe I should do that. Not that it matters. I suppose I just have to squeeze myself into it no matter what. At least I'm not the one that has to look good! So this is my last day of work before a long weekend and perhaps some above freezing temperatures. Hallelujah!

Shoes: BCBG
Skirt: Express. I love high waisted skirts.
Cami: Limited. These are the best seamless camis, in my opinion. They cost a bit more than some of the less expensive stores, but they hold up really well and you can often times get them on sale.
Cardi: Also Express
Necklace: Target

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