Monday, February 1, 2010

case of the mondays

I think my hair has a case of the Mondays. For some reason, this morning when I woke up I thought my hair looked sort of cute, in the I didn't try to hard and my hair looks fabulously tousled kind of way. Now I realize it just looks like I have bedhead or crazy cat hair lady. I really wish I could find a hairtie in my giant suitcase of a purse. Anyway, here's what I'm wearing.

Shoes: Nine West
Pants: H&M, they have these cute little sailor buttons on them that you can't see, but I love
Top: Banana Republic
Jacket: BCBG


  1. I love the little red pointy shoes peeking out from the wide-leg trousers! :o)


  2. I love your jacket!I'm obsessed with blazers lately!