Friday, February 19, 2010

i *heart* casual friday

My workplace is v. casual everyday, but I try to only make it a once a week thing. Plus I had to hike through the skyways this morning for an appointment. I'm excited to be wearing this jacket because it has been in storage since June! I almost forgot I had it.

Shoes: Target
Jeans: 7FAMK. I've had these for several years and just saw this morning that the inside seam is starting to rip. Damn my fat thighs. I turned 30 and my hips, ass, and thighs blew up. I'm sort of worried that it is going to split while a work, which I'm pretty certain would be embarrassing.
Tanks: Old Navy and Target
Jacket: Old Navy. From the kids section! For a while I could wear kids pants, but again my 30th birthday hit and it was all over.
Necklace: Target

Have a good weekend!

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