Tuesday, January 26, 2010

back on the wagon

Going cold turkey, I was bound to fall off the wagon. I will keep track of my indiscretions on the right side of my blog so you can all feel my shame. But then you can read my post and see the adorable outfit I put together with one of those indiscretions and rejoice in the glory.

I'm a walking Gap, Inc. ad today. I think this outfit looks better IRL. Do you think it needs a belt? Skinny? Wide?

Boots: GoJane birthday purchase, twice in two weeks people
Tights: Target
Skirt: Gap wool mini, this has been a great basic item
Shirt: Gap indiscretion, used my Banana Republic rewards and picked this up for $7.99. I love it and can't wait to wear it with some liquid leggings
Vest: Faux fur from Old Navy, again twice in two weeks

Despite my fall off the wagon, it looks like I'm starting to get over my phobia of wearing the same item too often!


  1. What a great idea keeping track of your indiscretions like this. If I had to write down and see all my purchases, I think it would definitely keep my shopping in check.

  2. Outfit looks cute but it is a bit hard to see. I want some liquid leggings, where did you get yours from?

  3. Great idea for the blog :) love it! I wish I could do the same and don't buy anything for a year!

  4. m, got my liquid leggings from Target.