Thursday, January 21, 2010

signed, sealed, delivered

We have officially signed a lease and mailed our hard earned money for security deposit, first month's rent, pet deposit, and some ridiculous move-in fee. WTF? I've been a total stress cookie (STRESS COOKIE, for emphasis) since after the holidays desperately reading Craigslist trying to find a place for us that would be in a suitable location, of suitable decor, and would allow Carleton Rover (aka Carl Rove), the absolute cutest, most adorable, sweetest, cuddly little pup EVER. EVER. SERIOUSLY.

TAKEHOME MESSAGE: If an ad on Craigslist seems to good to be true, it is. It is probably a scam. It is probably someone who will send you an e-mail telling you that they have to move to Scotland (or Honduras or West Africa) because they need to save the heathens, help some sick kids, or mine some petroleum, and they would love to have you rent their house but since they are out of the country maybe you should just send all your most very personal information and your first born child (kidding about the first born) along with a security deposit ... THEN AND ONLY THEN will this person mail you a key to the house. Are you kidding me? WTF?

Please for the love of all things created by God or evolution or the Big Bang, do not fall prey to one of these scams!

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