Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the rules revisited

Tarcy put together some really comprehensive rules. Yes, she is a lawyer. I did not put much time into my original rules posted here. Here I am revisiting my rules ... being a bit more thoughtful and less of a spaz. Since my biggest vices are eating out and shopping, my rules are focused on such.

1. I am not allowed to purchase new (or used) clothing, shoes, undergarments, accessories, etc.

2. I can purchase cosmetics (makeup, lotions, etc.)

3. I am allowed ONE (1) free day – your birthday – on which you can purchase any amount. My birthday is already over. Sad.

4. Shopping on vacation is allowed. Thank GAWD. Going to Vegas and Korea in 2010. Shopping needs to happen there!

5. Eating out ... here's where I start getting tricky with the rules.

a. Eating out should be limited to legitimate celebrations for others (i.e., friends' birthdays)

b. Eating out on my b-day is allowed. I already did this. HA! Brunch at Ike's on my birthday!

c. Any other eating out should be limited to twice per month. So you girls that want me to hook up for lunch or dinner, get on the calendar now or you might have to wait!

d. Happy Hour is allowed. Thank GAWD.

e. Eating out for business/netwoking purposes is allowed. Gotta keep my clients happy!

f. Asking Husband to take me out to dinner is not allowed. Suggesting Husband order pizza or Jimmy John's is not allowed. If Husband really wants these things, I am allowed to indulge with him. It just cannot be my idea.

g. We are often on the go. Husband likes the drive-thru. If I am subjected to the drive-thru because we are driving somewhere, I will only order from the $1 menu, where possible.

So far the eating out rules are the most challenging. I wasn't even sure I was going to include them in the challenge. It's going to get harder if we actually move into that building above Sawatdee. I LOVE PAD THAI and TOM YUM! LOVE LOVE LOVE. NOM NOM NOM.

That is all.

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