Wednesday, January 13, 2010

shopping the closet

My closet is where I'll be shopping for 2010. I've been trying to get creative, but it honestly isn't that easy. It takes time and effort. Both of which I have little of between new puppy, working weekends, home hunting, and job hunting. But here you have it .... today's OOTD.

Yes, this is the bathroom at my office. I know. It's not sexy. The dirty details ...

Boots: Nina, compliments of my friend Karin, who has a friend that gets sample shoes all the time
Skirt: BCBG, from a trip to San Francisco, needed the special touch from my mother-in-law to get it to fit correctly in the waist
Sweater: Expess, BORING
Belt: Limited, BORING, but not as
Necklace: Target

My favorite part about this skirt is the back. This is a terrible picture, but I love the ruffle.

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