Monday, January 18, 2010

monday confessions

In an effort to hold myself accountable, here's what I spent $$ on this weekend:
  • $10.31 got me shared nachos, flautas, and guacamole at Cantina #1 and a non-shared (obviously) Corona Light. PLUS quality girl time with a couple of good girlfriends that I hadn't connected with in a long while.
  • $3.25 to and fro on LRT with crazy Viking fans both directions including a girl with a really annoying voice that made me want to hurl myself off the train several stops before my usual stop. Skol Vikings!
  • $6.47 got me and Husband sausage pizza and crazy bread from Little Caesar's
I know the pizza thing is really against the rules, but I was craving pizza and even though I was willing to go to the grocery store to get frozen pizza and make it in the oven, Husband informed me that frozen pizza was $4 at the market across the street so I might as well just get Little Caesar's. Plus, I did have a coupon for FREE CRAZY BREAD that is only good Sundays/Mondays. So there.

AND, I walked around the Mall of America with the girls and did not buy one thing ... besides the food mentioned above.


  1. wow, good restraint!! I totally second the justification of Little Caesars. My bro and I point that out all the time ... that sometimes eating out is not really more expensive than buying "groceries."

  2. Right? I just read on another blog I follow that this girl bought a skirt at Old Navy for like $3 and she pointed out that this is less than she spends on coffee at Caribou in the a.m. Which my response was that it makes my challenge seem futile seeing as I was wanting to stop for coffee this morning.