Tuesday, January 19, 2010

skol vikings!

A little purple and yellow in honor of the Minnesota Vikings! Pants on the ground! Go Favre!

Someone caught me taking a picture of myself in the bathroom. I proudly kept on shooting despite how silly it probably looks to be taking a picture of oneself in a work restroom. It's the only place that there is a good mirror!

Boots: Love these. Purchased from GoJane.com. V. comfy. Birthday purchase pursuant to challenge rules.
Tights: Who the heck knows? Probably from the $100 store aka Target, where you can't seem to leave without buying $100 worth of stuff that you  may or may not need.
Dress: Limited. I wear this pretty often and by pretty often I mean like once every four months or so. I do really love it though.
Belt: Old Navy. I picked up 3 other ones in different colors a few years ago when they were on sale. Great purchase.
Jacket: Target. Again GREAT PURCHASE! While I don't wear it often, I'm certain I can wear it FOREVER or at least until it falls apart.
Necklace: Express. Jewelry at Express is so overpriced. But I loved the little bird pendants.

Coming up next ... the Tuesday Temptation!


  1. ok that is a super cute outfit. And I soo wish I could have clothes that I even wear once a month, let alone once every three or four months. I just can't justify having that much around (in terms of space or money) to my husband ... or myself, really. It might be different if I wasn't always worried about changing sizes and knew I'd fit into something for years ;).

  2. I know! It's sickening how much money I've spent on clothes/shoes/accessories. I feel guilty sometimes about the space and money. Hence the challenge.