Friday, January 15, 2010

book 'em dan-o

While I haven't gotten rid of my Netflix subscription, I have challenged myself not to buy books and instead hit up my local library. I just got my library card last summer. Eeek! Had some time before picking up Husband from work yesterday so wandered into the library. Here is what I learned ...

1) Library self-checkout IS NOT fast and easy to use. I tried it one million (or three or four) times before I gave up and used the guy at the desk.

2) Library is not like Half-Price Books where I just keep buying books thinking I will put them in my "to be read soon" collection. I kept wandering the bookshelves picking up books that I have been wanting to read and then realizing that there was no way in H-E double hockey sticks that I was going to read them all in a three week loan period.

3) There are cops at the library - real cops. They will take you out in handcuffs. I saw this. It happened. I'm not sure what you have to do at the library to get taken out in handcuffs, but watch yourself. It happens.

4) Odiferous people who follow you really closely down the aisle (or many aisles as the case may be) while you are perusing the audio books are undesirable. Seriously. Give me some space. Or take a shower.

5) Just because I hate to end on an even number. I paid $2/hour to park at the library. What does this tell you? The library is NOT entirely free.

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